Tropical Fruit

Who doesn’t like a tropical getaway? Use tropical fruits to conjure up relaxing vacation memories that will get fruit moving off the shelves. The tropicals category includes a wide variety of often premium-priced and unfamiliar fruit. Market those fruits well, and you can see a big boost to your bottom line.



Sales Strategies

  • Consider offering a “Cooking with Tropicals” class if your store has classroom facilities. Teaching consumers what to do with the fruit is the best way to get it moving.
  • Cross-merchandise pineapple with stir-fry vegetables and sauces. Promote it and other tropical as part of Chinese New Year celebrations.
  • Remind consumers that while bananas make a quick, tasty snack, they are also a great addition to baked goods. Cross-merchandise them with pie and baking supplies.
  • Promote tropicals with fruit salad items like berries and stone fruit.
  • Sampling is key in selling lesser-known tropicals. Offer samples of several different tropical to introduce consumers to a variety of fruits. Have information about how to prepare and serve each fruit available.
  • Many tropicals are great to market to kids. Bananas are a longtime kid favorite, but kiwifruit and pineapple also have kid appeal. Include all three in back-to-school promotions.
  • A kabob full of tropical fruits can be a great summertime side dish. Encourage consumers to think about grilling some of their tropical fruit purchases.

Dynamic Displays

  • Bananas, pineapple, avocados and kiwifruit are the most familiar tropical to shoppers. Put them front and center on your display so consumers are not overwhelmed by the lesser-known fruits. The familiar fruit will draw shoppers in where you can introduce them to fruits they may not be familiar with.
  • Include as much information as possible on your tropical display. Besides identifying each fruit clearly, offer up preparation and serving instructions to help consumers identify fruits they might enjoy.
  • Tropicals are a great way to appeal to ethnic populations in your area. If your store is in an area with a high population of Asian consumers, tropicals may sell themselves. Mangoes work well in cities with high Hispanic populations. A large and varied tropical display targeted to a specific demographic can make your store a destination in your region. Experiment with different tropicals to find the ones that sell best in your area.

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