While the melon category is full of variety, many consumers don’t think beyond watermelon, cantaloupe and the occasional honeydew. Create a marketing strategy for the melon category that capitalizes on this familiarity while introducing consumers to new types of melons.



Sales Strategies

  • Melons are a favorite breakfast item, so encourage consumers to eat them as part of a healthy breakfast. Cross-merchandise with traditional breakfast items like yogurt and cereal.
  • Place small ice cream-type scoops on the display to encourage consumers to scoop out the melon’s flesh.
  • Melons make a tasty, family-friendly side dish. Cross-merchandise melons with meat and seafood to encourage consumers to view them as more than just a breakfast food.
  • Melons and berries are a tasty combination. Promote them together and encourage consumers to make a melon and berry salad to go with their next meal. Hollow out a melon and use the shell to hold a berry-melon salad to add color to your display.
  • Besides watermelon for a hot summer day, encourage consumers to view melons as a side dish for a grilled meal or as the base for a fruit salad.
  • Watermelons nearly sell themselves in the summer, so keep good supplies on hand. Offer fresh-cut options for those who don’t want a whole watermelon or who simply don’t want the mess of cutting one up themselves. Promote watermelon heavily during the summer holidays. Offer up different options for serving this popular fruit like smoothies, fruit salads and even watermelon-flavored ice cream.
  • Don’t forget melons when summer is over. Promote fresh-cut melons as a great addition to the back-to-school lunch box. Merchandise ice packs nearby to remind shoppers to keep the melons cold even in the lunch box.

Dynamic Displays

  • While it might seem like a good idea to display all melons together, try to keep specialty melons together with a little distance from cantaloupe and honeydew. Specialty melons’ higher price point can be a tough sell when placed next to lower-priced melons.
  • Melons offer a great opportunity for fresh-cut as many consumers simply don’t want the hassle of cutting up the melon. Include fresh-cut on your display to entice time-strapped shoppers to buy.
  • Educate consumers so they understand how to choose a ripe melon. Include information on your display to tell consumers what to look for in each type of melon. This avoids disappointment when the consumer slices into it at home.

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